We manufacture a wide array of pasta dies for all extruders. In addition to our catalog we have a sample room library that you can visit to browse hundreds of shapes.


The Maldari family continues a three-generation tradition of providing customers unparalleled design, craftsmanship and service for the snack food industry. All of our snack dies are custom made for all extruders.


D. Maldari & Sons manufactures a wide array of Animal Food products. All animal food dies are custom made.


Do you have any novel or outlandish configuration in mind? We here at D. Maldari & Sons, Inc. are ready to help your ideas materialize to reality.

Three generations of Maldari's with basic know-how knowledge handed down personally to meld together education and experience.



Until about 1955 macaroni Dies were manufactured almost exclusively of bronze alloys. Subsequent research and experimental work resulted in the development of Teflonized Dies. Today our Die designs combine the density, color and texture advantages of bronze with the smoothness and increased production advantages of Teflon. Special materials are used for other Dies in accordance with processes and foods to be extruded. The choice of material is left to the specifications of the food processor.


We are in a position to make shipments in the shortest time possible, as we have the largest, as well as the best equipped plant in the United States devoted exclusively to the manufacture of extrusion Dies for the food industry. All shipments travel at the purchaser's risk. Shortages and/or damage caused in transit should be reported immediately in order that necessary action may be initiated as soon as possible and proper claims be made. All agreements are contingent upon causes beyond our control.


Specifications for Dies are dependent upon the extruder to be used . Dimensions for all Dies should be taken from the extruder manufactures drawings, and not from an old Die. In applicable cases definite advise relative to the rotation of the knife should be supplied.


To avoid errors or misunderstandings in ordering, we request that samples be submitted, or reference be made to the numbers of the products as found on the following pages, or pertinent Die outlet specifications be furnished.


Export shipments are fully insured, adding the premium to the cost of the shipment. Domestic shipments are guaranteed by the transportation companies up to the full specified value.


All Dies are fully guaranteed against defects in workmanship or material by D. Maldari & Sons, Inc. Brooklyn, N.Y., USA.


Shipments are securely packed, most cases in wooden crates. This includes export shipments.


All prices are net 30, f.o.b., Our Plant, Brooklyn, New York.