A Family Tradition

When Daniel and Chris Maldari joined the family business, D. Maldari & Sons entered its third generation, and took another step forward in industry leadership. Donato Maldari, Daniel's and Chris' grandfather, founded D. Maldari & Sons in New York in 1903. He quickly established a reputation for fine craftsmanship and reliable, personal service that is the company's hallmark today. Phenomenal growth followed in the second generation under the dynamic and able stewardship of Donato's sons, Ralph and Dan Maldari. They ushered in a new era for the family business, with innovations such as the one-piece insert, which was adopted worldwide and became the industry standard. Maldari started with the manufacture of pasta dies and soon adapted the technology to other food categories. By the 1950's, the company was catering to the pasta, cereal, snack, chocolate and animal-food industries with a sophisticated and comprehensive range of standard and customized extrusion dies. Maldari's product line-up now also includes cutting and die washer machines, stamping dies for bow-tie machines, and pasta factory accessories.

Featured in the Daily News

Whether it’s corkscrew-like fusilli, tubular penne or graceful strands of linguine, much of the pasta Americans eat takes its shape in Brooklyn. For 105 years, D. Maldari & Sons has made pasta extrusion dies — the metal patterns that transform dough into unique shapes.

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Featured on Fox Business

May. 04, 2011 - 5:22 - Daniel and Chris Maldari, co-owners of D. Maldari & Sons, discuss their family-owned business that has been around for more than 100 years.

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Featured on Staten Island Live

hris Maldari, left, is joined by Bobby Bognar, the host of the History Channel show Food Tech. Maldari'€™s family business, D. Maldari and Sons, which he runs with his brother, Daniel, was recently featured on the program.

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